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Japanese manufacturers bet on the electric car

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Mazda will also launch in 2019 a new generation gasoline engine that works by compression and works on the development of autonomous driving vehicles

Mazda will launch in 2019 the first gasoline engine that works by compression.

Japanese manufacturers are launching a real revolution facing the car of the future, and especially the electric vehicle. Mergers and major agreements between companies such as the one announced between Toyota and Mazda or the purchase of Mitsubishi by the Renault Nissan alliance are behind this declaration of intent. Honda will also announce its ambitious plans for the European electric car at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

First was the alliance Renault Nissan, which already has a great experience in the vehicle powered by electricity, which bought in 2016 Mitsubishi. The brand of the three diamonds also has great experience in the electric vehicle world, with the i-MIEV 100% electric and its variants for Peugeot and Citroën, but also in the plug-in hybrid with the Outlander PHEV. This acquisition has also enabled the alliance to become the leading global vehicle manufacturer in the first half of 2017.

For its part, Toyota and Mazda announced a few weeks ago an agreement for the development of the electric car and other technologies of the vehicle of the future. An important negotiation because it also implies an exchange of shares and becomes a true business alliance. This agreement is an important milestone to strengthen and accelerate collaboration between the two companies in a sustainable manner.

Leader of hybrids.

One of the key points of the agreement is the creation of a joint US vehicle manufacturing company, which is expected to produce 300,000 cars per year and will be paid in equal parts. But they also aim to jointly develop technologies for electric vehicles, in terms of connectivity and collaboration in advanced security systems.

And all this without forgetting the expansion of complementary products. Toyota and Mazda have also committed to an exchange of shares that serves to preserve the independence and autonomy of both Japanese companies after the agreement.

This agreement between Toyota and Mazda comes almost at the time that the company of Hiroshima has announced the implementation of the plan ‘Zoom-Zoom Sustainable 2030’. This is a new long-term vision for the technological development of the automobile. The first step of this program will be the launch in 2019 of the first gasoline engine that works by compression. In this way the Skyactiv-X, as it will be called this new technology, will be the first gasoline engine in the world that will use compression ignition.

What is wanted with this plan is to achieve a mobility more sustainable each day but without giving up driving pleasure, a key aspect in all Mazda models. In light of the rapid changes that are occurring in the automotive industry, with the arrival of the electric car, autonomous and shared, this new plan for the future of Mazda adopts a more long-term perspective.

According to this plan, the brand will continue its efforts to perfect the combustion engine, because it still has many years ahead in many areas of the world. These optimization technologies will be combined with the most effective electrification technologies. And from 2019 will begin the introduction of electric vehicles and other technologies of electric propulsion in those regions with high percentages of generation of clean energies. Or also in regions that impose limitations on vehicles with a thermal engine.

As for safety, Mazda’s plan is to completely eliminate traffic accidents. And it will promote greater implementation of advanced security technologies, which in Mazda is known as i-Activsense. These technologies allow drivers to recognize and evaluate potential hazards.

You can not talk about a future plan without doing autonomous driving. In this regard, the plan includes initiating in 2020 the tests of driverless driving technologies, currently under development. A program in line with Mazda’s Co-Pilot Concept, articulated around the human being, and equip all models with this system in the year 2025. But all this, autonomous driving, safety systems, employment of sustainable energies, will be done without giving up one of the key points of Mazda, the driving sensation Jinba ittai, the pleasure of driving as understood by the Japanese brand.

The confidential – C. CANCELA – 01.09.2017 (Translation Soft)

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