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Iveco develops an exoskeleton that allows to work seated to the workers of its factory of Valladolid

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The prototype allows to perform certain functions in a position similar to the one we adopt when we are sitting.

The Engineering and Safety and Occupational Health departments of Iveco and a Swiss star-up have developed an exoskeleton that allows the operators of their factory in Valladolid to perform certain functions in an ergonomically similar position to the one we adopt when we are seated.

One of the main objectives of the IVECO plant in Valladolid is to achieve the highest efficiency, quality and adaptability in production systems. To do this, the factory uses the application of new technologies, which allow it to be at the forefront of innovation, but also to facilitate the tasks of operators in certain areas of work, reports the company.

This is the case of the exoskeletons and servo armaments that, experimentally, the Valladolid factory has recently introduced in the areas of assembly and logistics.

In a day of presentation of good practices organized by the Automotive Cluster of Castilla y León (FACYL), IVECO Valladolid showed a prototype exoskeleton that allows the operator to perform certain functions in an ergonomically similar position to the one we adopt when we are sitting, downloading The weight of the body on an external structure that reduces tension and fatigue of the lower extremities.

In addition to discussing the ergonomic advantages of using exoskeletons in the automotive industry, technicians from the IVECO factory in Valladolid explained to the audience the process they have followed for the development and adaptation of this exoskeleton prototype, the result of a Collaborative work between the Engineering and Occupational Safety and Health departments of the factory and a Swiss start-up, in charge of the development of the external structure.
In order to obtain the best results in terms of productive efficiency, the IVECO plant in Valladolid is currently working with 4.0 solutions and in different projects of collaborative robotics, virtual and augmented reality, as well as in additive and big data manufacturing.

This factory, which employs about 1,000 people, produces the light commercial vehicle Daily in its chassis cabin version, in addition to the cabins in sheet and paint that supplies to the factory of IVECO in Madrid, where they are exclusively manufactured the heavy trucks Trakker And Stralis.

elEconomista – 21/07/2017 (Translation Soft)


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