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Isabella Concept: a futuristic coupe to revive Borgward’s past

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The German brand was reborn in 2008 thanks to a Chinese investment fund
The Isabella was its iconic model, which produced until its bankruptcy in 1961

When one looked through the stands of the Frankfurt Motor Show, amidst the transatlantics of the big manufacturers, a name with a vintage scent had been cast: Borgward, a German manufacturer that operated between 1929 and 1961, and revived a few years ago by the grandson of the founder, Christian Borgward, thanks to a Chinese investment fund.

One of the new models of the new Borgward, the Isabella Concept, honors his work franchise. The Stuttgart-based company began producing the Isabella coupé in 1954. It was like a last breath before falling into bankruptcy that led to decades of silence. This model was sold with multiple variants of body, from a convertible to a pick-up. In its launch year more than 11,100 units were sold, despite rivaling models such as the Mercedes-Benz Ponton, but its success was gradually falling.

After the bankruptcy, the production chain of Borgward Isabella moved to Mexico, where it continued its production until 1970. It also enjoyed great popularity in Argentina, where another factory was located. There were even Isabella competitions in the latter country.

The Resurrection SUV of Borgward

The Borgward Isabella Concept pays homage to the old model only in its nomenclature. It is a futuristic 100% electric prototype of four seats, moved by a motor that has been called Borgward ePropulsión. It is a system shared with the BXi7 – also present in Frankfurt -, a 100% electric evolution of its first todocamino, the BX7 (has a more luxurious version, called BX7 TS ‘Touring Sedan’), presented at the Shangái Auto Show 2015. It assumed the material resurrection of the brand, along with other SUVs: BX5 and BX6.

Borgward Isabella Concept

Borgward Isabella Concept
After almost 60,000 orders received in China, Borgward intends to become a global brand with a presence in Europe and America. In fact, its CEO, Ulrich Walker, said in Frankfurt that Borgward intends to start sales in Germany later this year after opening a factory in Bremen.

The Isabella Concept, a statement of intent
The batteries of the Isabella Concept have been developed by LG. They give the vehicle an autonomy of around 500 kilometers. Altogether, the two electric motors that equip this model develops 300 horses and a maximum torque of 450 Nm, that allow him to pass from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 250 km / h. Its creators say that in 30 minutes the battery is charged at 80%.

Borgward Isabella Concept

Borgward Isabella Concept
This concept symbolizes a declaration of intentions on the future of the reborn brand. Its angular forms, its enormous rims, the optics … Everything composes a reality that moves away from a model of production, a philosophy that in Borgward have called in the ‘Impression of Flow’.
A detail that catches the eye is how they open their doors, similar to the automatic door of a trade. On the dashboard, very fine, a huge console full of icons and animations in 3D, totally tactile, which extends almost to the floor of the vehicle.

Salón de Fráncfort – EL MUNDO – DENÍS IGLESIAS – 19 sep. 2017 (Translation Soft)

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