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Hyundai FE Fuel Concept: 800 kilometers of autonomy and minimalist style

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It will arrive in 2018 and is inspired by the non-polluting nature and water (only emission it has).

Hyundai Motor has presented the Concept FE Fuel Cell, a prototype corresponding to the new generation driven by hydrogen of zero emissions during the Geneva Motor Show. In the firm they rely on a vehicle that is inspired by the non-polluting nature and in the water (only emission that has).

The FE Fuel Cell Concept has a minimalist and aerodynamic style, as demonstrated by the integrated ventilation ducts for greater efficiency. It is part of Hyundai Motor’s fourth generation hydrogen fuel cell technology and offers, compared to previous ones, lighter technology, greater efficiency and increased autonomy.

In such a way that the FE Concept carries portable battery packs that the vehicle itself charges for the passengers’ devices. The trunk, in turn, integrates a storage space and load for an electric scooter, in case in the future … And speaking of future we collide with the name of the Concept, FE. Future Eco wants to reflect the new and innovative ecological technologies, as in this vehicle is its internal air humidifier.

The new prototype is designed to drive more than 800 kilometers between each refueling, taking into account the limited current hydrogen infrastructures. Some elements of the FE Fuel Cell Concept will influence the fuel cell SUV model that will go on sale in 2018 and will carry Hyundai Smart Sense driver assistance technologies.

EXPANSION BY JAVIER GÓMEZ – Madrid – @ JaviGC10 – 03/08/2017  (Translation Soft)

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