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Goodbye to having a car? Jaguar bets on a future with smart flyers as only element in property

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The future of the automotive sector will be based on three pillars: autonomous driving, zero emission engines and carsharing. While the first one is still in full development, the last two are already implemented and growing; however, the philosophy of the car will go even further and will mutate to such an extent that an intelligent steering wheel will be the only element that we will own in a vehicle, according to Jaguar.

The British firm dates that revolution by 2040, and details its plans through Sayer, an octagonal design wheel with artificial intelligence (AI) that will accompany us at all times with which various functions can be performed.

Since Jaguar envisions a merger of carsharing and private on-demand transportation – see Uber or Cabify – as a paradigm in the automotive industry of the future, the most prominent role of the steering wheel is to act as a personal assistant on the hour to book a car at the time and place you want. 

The example that puts the mark is the following: you have a meeting of work at 8 in the morning. In order to facilitate daily actions, the user will be able to consult Sayer by voice when he should get up and have a car at the door to arrive in time for the aforementioned appointment. 

At the moment, the vehicle will arrive autonomously and will wait for you at your home, and during the journey Sayer will recommend you if you want the most outstanding places that can be observed. 

However, that will only be one of the many advantages that this connected system will offer, which will be presented together with the Jaguar FUTURE-TYPE at the Tech Fest in London, which will be held this September, where all its features will be discovered. 

As for the proliferation of car sharing, it is a fact that has been highlighted by the growth of the entities of reference in this sector, Emov and Car2Go, as well as the arrival of other big firms in this area: Renault and Ferrovial will launch in October a car-sharing service with five-seater cars. 

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