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GM surpasses Tesla as the first US automobile in the stock market

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Its stock moves around $ 34, four more than when it was surpassed by Tesla last April.

On April 14, Tesla, the maker of electric cars, became the first vehicle brand by market capitalization in the United States. It surpassed at that date with 51,000 million dollars of capitalization to General Motors, which was around 50,000 million in the New York Stock Exchange. Weeks before, the company that presides Elon Musk, surpassed Ford.

However, General Motors is once again the first automobile company in the United States. Its action moves in the environment of 34 dollars, four more than when it was surpassed by Tesla. By contrast, the electric vehicle company has dropped from $ 336 to $ 285. The value of the Freemont-based school in California is extremely volatile. Despite this loss, Tesla’s value on the stock market has risen 60% so far this year.

Investors are looking forward to seeing Tesla’s sales and manufacturing results in the third quarter of the year. If the data exceeds 25,000 units in line with the goal of producing 100,000 cars this year, the stock will rise again. Tesla is immersed in the launch of Model 3, the third model of the brand and the smallest, which has to move to the mark of 100,000 units in 2017 to half a million in 2018.

Although Tesla has not made a profit in any exercise since its inception in 2003, a recent report by Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley states that there would be some five million Tesla vehicles driving along the highways in 2025 and some 32 million in 2040 .

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