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Ghosn steps down as CEO of Nissan, will remain chairman of the group

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Brazil’s Carlos Ghosn will step down as CEO at Nissan next April 1, although he will remain chairman of the Japanese automaker, the company said in a statement.
Japan’s Hiroto Saikawa will replace Ghosn after his appointment as president of Mitsubishi Motors in late 2016 following the acquisition of 34% of the Japanese company, hard hit by the falsification of the consumption data of Fuel of several of its small vehicles.

Ghosn, who is also president and CEO of Renault, will now focus on “expanding and managing the alliance” automobile, without abandoning his responsibilities at Nissan.

“As president of Nissan I will continue to oversee and guide the company, both in its independence and within the alliance. This planned change will also allow me to devote more time and energy to managing strategic and operational developments as well as expanding the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, “Ghosn said.

The executive, who will seek to renew his term at the shareholders’ meeting in June, said he wants to “ensure that all members benefit from the competitive advantages” of the association.

Ghosn, who believes it is the “right time” for this succession and says he is “sure that the management team I have developed at Nissan over the last 18 years – including Saikawa – has the talent and experience to Operational and strategic objectives of the company. ”

The change at the top of the company is due to Ghosn accumulating too many responsibilities in the management of the three companies, which did not allow him to focus on more strategic decisions aimed at cutting distance with his competitors, a source close to Nissan said To the local Kyodo agency.
Ghosn, 62, began working in 1999 as chief operating officer at Nissan under Renault’s leadership and managed to save the company from bankruptcy with a drastic restructuring process that earned him the nickname ” Costs “.

Saikawa, currently Co-CEO of Nissan, joined the company in 1977 and since 1999 has held various senior management positions.
The Japanese is also president of the Japan Vehicle Manufacturers Association (JAMA), and for ten years (2006-2016) he served on the board of directors of Renault.

Following the move announced today by Nissan Motor, the company’s shares lost 0.58 percent of their value on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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