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The system is installed in 14 of its factories and is expected to be extended to 30 factories of the group of automotive components

It is a system that monitors in real time the energy consumption

It is a practical demonstration of the industry 4.0. One of many. Technology applied to productive processes to make it better and more efficient and, in the meantime, allow for savings. In this case, the technology has been put by Siemens, allowing Gestamp, a manufacturer of automotive components, to reduce energy consumption by 15% in 14 of its plants.

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In an industry such as the automotive industry, which is particularly energy intensive, the system devised by Siemens is already installed in the Spanish plants of the group, including Zamudio and Abadiño in Bizkaia, as well as in Germany, the United Kingdom France and Portugal. The forecast is that this new method will extend to a total of 30 factories of the group, including those of China, Mexico and United States.

Leaders of Siemens and Gestamp today explained this system, which monitors in real time the energy consumption through an efficient energy management platform based on the cloud and using the ‘Big Data’ to optimize consumption.

Specifically, the Siemens platform allows real-time monitoring of energy consumption needs in different plants and provides an instant diagnosis of electricity and gas consumption. In this way, algorithms are defined based on the patterns of consumption and can be identified and warned about possible failures of the equipment. Energy consumption data can be processed through data analysis techniques to predictively define maintenance as well as manage production processes or energy consumption forecasts based on future production needs.

The ultimate goal is for the teams to work in the most efficient and coordinated manner, which, in addition to reducing energy consumption, reduces CO2 emissions.

In the last 12 months it has saved 45 gigawatts with this system, which means a saving of 8 million per year, which means that the period of armorization of the necessary investments is less than three years.

The Siemens energy efficiency platform is managed by the company’s Smart Grids Control Center in Seville.

Belén Ferreras  Bilbao – @belenferreras 22/02/2017 – EL MUNDO (Tranlation Soft)

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