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Gestamp enters Romania with the purchase of a company through its Turkish subsidiary Beyçelik

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Gestamp enters Romania with the purchase of a company that owns a plant that has as its main customer the Renault-Nissan Alliance, through its Romanian brand, Dacia.

The company, located in the vicinity of Piteti, the main automotive hub in the country, has more than 200 employees and invoiced 17 million euros in 2016. Gestamp has made the acquisition through its Turkish subsidiary, Beyçelik Gestamp.

The Basque multinational of automotive components has not communicated the amount of the purchase nor the name of the company in which it has bought a majority participation.

The Romanian plant currently supplies stamped components of small and medium stamping, as well as its assemblies. The objective of Gestamp is to increase the billing level of the facility by manufacturing components of increasing value added for Renault-Nissan and also for Ford.

Gestamp is the main supplier of stamping of the Renault group and the second of the group Renault-Nissan. The new plant allows the company to expand its proximity presence to the factories of the Gallic group. It will also provide service to Ford, with whom Gestamp operates on several continents.

Romania is the twenty-seventh country in vehicle manufacturing in the world ranking, with a production of 387,000 brands Dacia and Ford. Only the plant that the American multinational has in Almussafes (Valencia) manufactures more cars than Romania.

Gestamp now operates in 21 countries. In markets where Gestamp has production plants, 8 out of every 10 vehicles produced every year are produced worldwide.

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