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Ford Almussafes says it “is ready to make electric vehicles”

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Dionisio Campos highlights the technological level of the factory and ensures that the challenge is to reduce logistics costs

Ford Almussafes Manufacturing Director Dionisio Campos says that the Valencian plant “is ready to manufacture electric vehicles in the short term” when the multinational decides to launch some of the 13 models it plans to bring to market until 2020 Campos, who stressed yesterday the technological level of this factory to meet new challenges of the automobile company, although also pending the increase of charging points for electric vehicles and increasing their autonomy, trusts to conclude this exercise with a level Of production close to 400,000 units; Ie similar to the previous year despite the slowdown in sales in Europe, the main destination of its exports.

The head of Ford Almussafes production yesterday gave a conference on the Challenges of the industry in the economy, organized by the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country (RSEAP). In their view, these challenges include the development and management of technologies, the improvement of infrastructures and the training of workers.

Logistics costs
According to Campos, logistical costs are already equal to those of manufacturing and therefore it is “key” to improve and match the construction of infrastructures in a peripheral country such as Spain – which has disadvantages – through the Mediterranean and central corridors or the improvement of Ports to “optimize the resources of industry” and its entire value chain. He also advocated the regulation of transport rates and better regulation of the work calendar and public holidays to help improve those costs.

Ford does not foresee changes in car production or decrease its activity during this year, despite the temporary ERE in engines – which it assures is “punctual” – due to the evolution of markets or the impact of Brexit on sales. Campos indicated that Ford maintains its sales level to Great Britain, where it channels the great part of its exports of vehicles.

J. L. Z. | Valencia 05.05.2017 (Tranlation Soft)


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