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DS 7 Crossback ‘La Première’: launch edition loaded with technology

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The first model designed and sold in full by DS. It will be possible to buy with diesel engine of 180 or gasoline of 225

The arrival of the DS 7 Crossback makes it the first model designed and sold entirely by DS. From this month only reservations will be accepted via online by him and until January 2018 will not be delivered the first units.

The model we can book is the DS 7 Crossback ‘La Première’, a release edition that has all the equipment and technology available by DS for this model. It can only be purchased until December 31 of this year. Those who want it in 2018 will not be able to purchase the edition. Physically, from September the French brand will begin to receive some unit to show it to its customers.

In order to give it an extra of exclusivity, the todocamino will include in ‘La Première’ a upholstery in red wine color that will later disappear from the range. It can be acquired with the diesel propeller of 180 or gasoline of 225 horses. In our country will have a price of 52,000 and 52,750 euros, respectively. The idea of ​​DS is that its launch price in its basic version lives up to its competitors.

This model is located in the segment C of todocaminos where it will compete with rivals such as the Audi Q3, BMW X1 or Range Rover Evoque. However, DS wants to position it between the C and D segment to be able to compete in both. The French brand does not want to have a great range as it happens in other manufacturers. His idea is to have in 2021 six models to have presence in almost all segments.

The dimensions of the DS 7 Crossback are 4.57 meters, 1.89 m wide and 1.62 m long. These figures give it the widest model of segment C and have the longest wheelbase (2.84 m). For this reason, it has a great habitability and intends to fight with the Audi Q5, BMW X3 or Volvo XC60. Its trunk is set at 555 liters.

The range of engines is complete and varied. In the BlueHdi part we have powers of 130 to 180 horses and in the gasoline from Puretech of 130 to THP 180 or 225 horses. In addition, DS launches an eight-speed automatic box for the most powerful versions. Therefore, the edition ‘La Première’ will only be associated with this transmission.

Its design catches the eye. DS positioned a preserie unit in Barcelona and we were able to see how it attracted the attention of people passing by. On the exterior, we highlight the design of the front calender, how the pilots (the same ones that carried the prototype E-tense) are integrated in the tailgate or the design of their 20-inch wheels (available from 17 inches).

Inside, the detail has been taken care of to the limit. DS wants quality to be one of its strongholds. It has two 12-inch screens, one placed in the instrument cluster and another in the center console that gets to attract our look as soon as you enter the car. Above there is a watch B.R.M, detail already used in a limited edition of DS 3.

As for the upholstery and finishes, the French subsidiary will make available to the customers exclusive materials. Alcantara, leather, natural wood (provided by the same supplier as Bentley), nappa leather and even details in glass as with the linings of the buttons placed next to the gear lever. All seats will be ventilated, heated and with massage function.

A todocamino full of technological assistants

One of its great strengths is the effort that DS has made in having a technological SUV. It contains multiple driving assistants that will make life much easier for the driver. Some of them are the ‘DS Connected Pilot’, referring to semi autonomous driving. The car stays in the lane from 0 to 180 km / h with the adaptive cruise. If for example we are in a traffic jam and the cars stop, the DS 7 would stop and retrace the gear always keeping the safety distance.

With the ‘DS Park Pilot’ we have the function of having the SUV look for parking space on its own. Up to a speed of 30 km / h the car searches if there is a free seat on both the left and right. If you find a site, read if the vehicle comes in and if so it is able to park and just disappear.

The ‘DS Night Vision’ is like carrying a night vision camera in our car. Circulating at night in areas with low visibility, this function will activate in our dashboard this function that through an infrared camera detects pedestrians, animals, cyclists … Between 50 and 100 meters is marked with a yellow square and if it is Between 50 and 0 in red. Models like the BMW 7 Series equip this option.

Through the ‘DS Driver Attention Monitoring’ the SUV at all times will read us the gestures of our face or eyelids to prevent the driver from falling asleep. If the car detects any signal will be expressed by three alarms depending on the level of sleepiness.

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