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Daimler almost doubles its operating profit, up to 4,008 million euros

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German automaker Daimler has almost doubled operating profit in the first quarter to 4,008 million euros, up 86.6% compared to the same period in 2016 (2,148 million euros).

Daimlet reported that this figure significantly outperforms market expectations and will publish the full balance for the first quarter on April 26.

Daimler Trucks increased it by 29.5% (668 million euros), Mercedes-Benz Vans by 18.6% (Mercedes-Bez Cars improved operating profit in the first quarter by 60.1% (2,234 million euros) 357 million euros) and Daimler Buses 66.7% (65 million euros).

Daimler Financial Services also improved operating profit to 524 million euros, 21.3% more than in the first quarter of 2016. Mercedes-Benz Cars’ operating profit was 9.8% (7%), Of Daimler Trucks 8.4% (6.3%), Mercedes-Benz Vans 11.9% (10.7%) and Daimler Buses 7.2% (4.7%). Daimler has a return on sales of 10.6% (5.7%).

Daimler had in the first quarter an extraordinary of 183 million euros for the participation of new investors in the company that develops the service of maps and navigation HERE.

It also had revenues of 267 million euros from the sale of real estate in Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks and Bus Corporation and 240 million euros from its stake in the Chinese company BAIC Motor.

El economista –  12/04/2017

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