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China snatches the world’s leading electric car to the United States

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Almost one-third of the two million plug-in passenger cars on the planet circulate in Asia

Nearly a third of the world’s more than two million electric cars were circulating in China in 2016; In particular, this country had 647,770 passenger cars of this type. This is clear from the report of the International Energy Agency on Wednesday, which highlights that in 2016 “China became the country with the largest stock of electric cars,” ahead of the United States. However, the agency recalls in its report that only the 0.2% of cars that circulated in the world in 2016 were electric. And in order to comply with the commitments against climate change, it is necessary that by 2040 it reach 600 million.

The electric car lives a boom in China, where the government is pushing the implementation and manufacture of this type of vehicles. In 2015, according to the data of the report of the International Energy Agency, 312,770 electric cars were circulating in the Asian country. By 2016, the figure had doubled to 648,770.

Within the category of electric cars the International Energy Agency includes passenger cars with single electric battery and plug-in hybrids. Outside leaves the two-wheeled and buses. Although in these two sectors China is also at the top of the world: more than 200 million two-wheeled electric vehicles and more than 300,000 electric buses. “China is by far the world leader in the electrification of transport,” the report said.

The first place in the case of passenger cars was occupied by the United States. In 2015 it had a stock of 404,090 trams, 91,000 more than China. A year later the tables had changed: in the USA 563,710 electric cars were circulating in 2016, 85,060 less than in the Asian country.

When the pace of enrollment is analyzed, there is also greater development in China. The 1.37% of the cars registered in 2016 in the Asian giant were electric; In the United States, that percentage remained at 0.91%.

And, despite the leadership that China has achieved in absolute terms, the pace of implementation does not seem enough to meet the country’s own goals. In September last year, the Government of China, which has a serious problem of pollution in their cities, announced an implementation program that established that 8% of new registrations in 2018 should be pure electric cars and plug-in hybrids. By 2019 they had to reach 10% and in 2020 to 12%. However, the Reuters news agency reported a few days ago that the Chinese government is considering rejecting those goals for a year, that is, setting the 8% quota for 2019.

China and the US accumulate 60% of all electric cars on the planet. But the real student who excels in implementing this type of mobility is Norway. 28.76% of the cars registered in this Nordic country in 2016 were electric, well above the 0.52% of the world average.

More efforts

Despite highlighting the “strong growth” in sales of these vehicles during 2016, the International Energy Agency has stressed Wednesday that a greater implementation is needed and that there is still a “long way” to go until electric cars A “significant contribution” to the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

The agency points out that, according to the forecasts of the car manufacturers themselves, it is expected that in the world between 9 and 20 million electric cars will be circulated in 2020. That stock would be between 40 and 70 million in 2025, according to the same forecasts. But the agency recalls that in order to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement, it would be necessary to reach 600 million electric cars by 2040. “Strong political support is needed,” says the International Energy Agency.

Manuel Planelles  – EL PAIS – Madrid 7 JUN 2017 (Translation Soft)

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