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Bridgestone to invest 73 million to relaunch its Basauri plant

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The managers of the multinational present a five-year plan for the three factories in Spain that seeks to increase synergies and make them an industrial development pole

Bridgestone believes that the market in Spain has significant growth potential driven by the booming automotive sector. So the directors of its subsidiary Bridgestone Hispania have presented their strategic plan 2018-2022 in Brussels with ambitious objectives: investments of 219 million euros for the three Spanish factories (73 of them in Basauri) and a vocation to strengthen ties between Them to increase synergies and share knowledge until they constitute an industrial development pole.

Bridgestone has in Spain the plants of Basauri (dedicated to manufacture tires for heavy vehicles), Burgos (passenger cars) and Puente San Miguel, in Cantabria (where it produces for agricultural vehicles). The most ambitious investment plan is for the Burgos factory, with 112 million. It is followed by the Vizcaya, with the mentioned 73, and the Cantabrian, with 34. What do you want to do with all that money? From the multinational prefer not to be very specific because of the confidentiality variance that the strategic plan must cover at the moment, when the OK of the group leaders is still pending. They just clarify that the goal is to drive the digitization of production processes to make them more efficient and to get a product with more added value.

The other leg of the strategic plan is to improve the synergies between the three Spanish plants. It is true that the three are engaged in different things, but also that they have points in common and are one hour away from each other. So, closer relations are seen as a way to carry out joint actions in various matters ranging from looking for synergies in matter of raw material to exchange of experts. The ultimate goal would be to develop an industrial knowledge hub within the group. According to Gorka Diez, the manufacturing director of Bridgestone Hispania, efforts are being made to offer an “exciting future” to all three plants and “achieve security and stability” Company, workers, families and environment need.

The strategic plan will be examined in the coming weeks by the group in Brussels, who will ultimately decide whether to carry out all or part of the proposed measures.

Luis López | May 29, 2017 (Translation Soft)

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