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Bridgestone targets airless wheels

Automotive News

The Japanese brand has developed an AirFree bicycle tire.

The Bridgestone Group has announced, with the collaboration of Bridgestone Cycle Co, Ltd, it has developed a bicycle tire applying the concept of AirFree, a technology so that tires do not need to be swollen with air. They intend to launch this new creation in 2019.

This is not new. In 2011 the Japanese company already presented in Tokyo a tire with resin spokes wrapped with rubber drawings that favored stability, strength and stability.

Michelin took a step further and in 2014 introduced its X Tweel that did not contain air under pressure.

But today, this concept used by Brigestone of AirFree is another step for the future of tires. This technology eliminates the need to inflate the tires with air using a unique structure of spokes that extend through the inner sides of the wheels. In addition, the resins used in both radios and rubber make them efficient use of resources.

The combination of the Bridgestone Group and Bridgestone Cycle in the creation of this tire intends to make the wheels of the bikes resistant to the punctures thanks to the high flexibility of its design with the use of the resins following the path already marked in 2011.

The aim is to propose new forms of cycling with the use of the AirFree concept while testing on all types of tires.

BY LIDIA VEGA – Madrid @ VegaLidia5 – 04/27/2017

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