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Bosch: The car will be our personal assistant

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Bosch, the multinational of components for the automotive sector among other ways of business, is present at the Mobile World Congress to present its solutions in the environment of the connected car.

For Bosch “the car is the third living space behind the house and work”. Until 2022 the connected mobility market will grow at a rate of 25% a year, hence the business opportunity and “cars will be an active part of the IoT (Internet of Things) and inlcuso the car can be seen” As a personal assistant. ”


In fact, Bosch presents a prototype, the Bosch Forward ShowCar that incorporates the “Driver Monitoring Camera”, which makes facial recognition and personalization possible from the moment the driver gets on the vehicle. Thus, the car adjusts the height of the steering wheel, the rear view mirrors, the interior temperature and the radio transmitter, according to the personal preferences of the driver.

It also incorporates the first gestural control with haptic feedback, which uses ultrasound sensors to detect if the driver’s hand is in the right place. And the buttons on the screen emerge as you bring your hand closer. Everything for the driver to focus on the road.

At the same time introduces, the Mirror Cam System is a solution based on a camcorder that replaces the two exterior mirrors. Video sensors can be integrated into the interior of the vehicle and the images are displayed on the displays located near the A pillars (the ones that hold the front window of the vehicle) on the sides of the vehicle.


In the near future, the car key will disappear. It will be on our cell phone. Bosch calls it Perfectly Keyless. With the encrypted digital key on the phone, the vehicle can be unlocked and started without any interaction. When approaching the vehicle, the system will automatically identify the secret key on the driver’s smartphone and perform a distance measurement. Within a specific range (approximately two meters from the car) access will be allowed. Similarly, boot is only allowed if “Perfectly Keyless” locates the mobile device inside the car. Bosch explains that he is working fully on security, on the antihackeo of this system.


Bosh also works on the interconnectivity of vehicles and of these with infrastructures. One of its objectives is to shorten the time period of 4 minutes that elapse between an accident occurs and the notice is transferred to the cloud. The more connected cars you are sending data, the faster you will shorten those times so that, from the cloud, the vehicle has access to the optimal route to avoid traffic jams. Something similar to the system that uses the platform Waze.
It also works on the integration of intelligent services at work communicating with the environment. For example Bosch is testing in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, the concept of community parking in the city of Stuttgart.

On average we spend 30% of our trips in the city in search of parking. Here, the car, thanks to its sensors on board, is becoming a locator of free parking places. While driving through the city, the car detects the free gaps between parked cars. The data collected is transmitted to a digital street. Bosch’s high performance algorithms evaluate the likelihood of the data and make predictions about the parking situation. A cloud-based service uses this data to create a real-time parking map, reducing traffic and saving the driver a lot of time, money and stress when looking for a free parking space.


Bosch also focuses on the growing demand for intelligent connectivity solutions for motorcycles. The Integrated Connectivity Cluster, ICC, is a system that has a display of variable size and resolution, easy to use. “MySPIN for 2 Wheelers” is a hardware-independent smartphone integration system for motorcycles, scooters, eBikes and recreational vehicles. It integrates seamlessly into the ICC, but can also run on other displays for two-wheeled vehicles. And it’s compatible with iOS and Android.
The Bosch eScooter integrated system shows the enhanced interaction between individual components as a connected system solution. It provides easy access to the most relevant and reliable information through the Human Machine Interface (HMI) and / or smartphone: for example, battery status, speed, remaining mileage and fault and diagnostic information.
The “take me home” function can calculate the optimal route, while the “anti-theft” feature alerts the owner of the eScooter, via the smartphone, if the motorcycle was moving without authorization. The eScooter sharing and fleet management features are also part of the integrated system.

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