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Audi plans new production systems for its Q models

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Model of the Audi Q8 crossover SUVEM

The new Audi Q8 crossover SUV will begin production in 2018. The compact Audi Q4 will be the first vehicle produced in the assembly line of Hungary.

“We wanted to integrate completely new models of the Q-model line into the successful production chain and increase our competencies at an important end of the segment,” explained Audi’s production and logistics director, Professor Hubert Waltl.

With the Audi Q8, it has wanted to open a segment in high-end models. This SUV combines the coupé style with a large space and emotive design that offers the latest innovations in technology assistance and infotainment systems.

This model will be produced in Bratislava from 2018, as it has done the Q7 since 2005. While the second generation SUV is in production, we have the S version and the Q7-tron plug-in hybrid.

In 2019, production of the Audi Q4 will begin production at the plant in Györ (Hungary). With this model, the brand will be introduced in the segment of compact vehicles (CUVs). The Audi Q4 with a very sporty style with the typical coupé style silhouette is positioned between the Audi Q3 and the Q5. For 2018, the Hungarian plant will take over the production of Audi Q3 compact SUV that will continue production in Martorell (Spain).

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