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Audi advances in the autonomous “premium” driving with its innovations in the Frankfurt Motor Show

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Two new prototypes, Elaine and Aicon, present the lines that will follow the models of levels 4 and 5 of brand autonomy

Audi Aicon Prototype, with autonomy level 5

ABC- Unai Mezcua Frankfurt 09/12/2017 00: 32h
Audi’s new features at the Frankfurt Motor Show show that autonomous driving is just one step away, and outlines how premium brands will cope with it. The company has introduced two new models of self-driven vehicles, the Elaine and Aicon. The first, which we have been able to see in person, is level 4, allowing you to operate on motorways, freeways and parking areas, but always with an attentive human being who can take control in case of need. The second, level 5, totally lacks steering wheel or pedals, since its technology allows it to operate without human intervention.
According to the brand, the Aicon, which runs electrically and has a range of 700 to 800 kilometers – more than twice the current models currently – “outlines the aesthetic lines of the luxury sedan of the future.” Outwardly, it emphasizes futuristic grille and its line coupé 2 + 2.

Interior del Aicon

The Aicon measures 5,444 millimeters long, 2,100 high and 1,506 wide, being 240 millimeters larger than the long version of the current A8. It is designed to give maximum comfort to its passengers at a constant speed of 130 kilometers per hour, and is powered by 4 electric motors (one in each wheel, so total traction) that yield 260kW to 550 Nm. According to the brand, it can be recharged in the time it takes to drink coffee: 80% in just 30 minutes.
Being an autonomous vehicle, Audi has placed special emphasis on offering maximum comfort to passengers. This offers a complete multimedia system “able to find a restaurant according to your wishes, or to find your favorite music”, according to Rupert Stadler, president of Audi, seats that rotate at a 15 degree angle for easy access and stay in the cabin and even a flashlight mini that accompanies the driver if he needs to leave the vehicle and the outside is dark.

Interior of the Aicon
Audi has also shown in Frankfurt its prototype Elaine, a futuristic electric SUV lacking exterior mirrors and based on the prototype e-Tron. It incorporates a more advanced version of the autonomous driving system of the Audi A8, and is powered by three electric motors that yield 429 hp (496 in extreme acceleration mode).

Audi Elaine

Audi Elaine
In addition, the brand has also shown its new A5 g-tron, which runs on gas, and the A8L 55 TFSI quattro, the largest version of its innovative saloon representation, aimed primarily at the Asian market.

Unite MEZCUA Frankfur – 09/13/2017 (Translation Soft)

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