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DEUTZ, the first engine manufacturer in the world to receive the EU Stage V emissions certificate

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The DEUTZ TTCD 6.1 obtains the EU Stage V certificate
Our promise kept: “Stage V ready” becomes “Stage V certified ”

Flexibility and planning certainty for customers by switching to Stage V
DEUTZ is the first motor manufacturer in the world to receive a certificate for the Stage V EU Emissions Directive for mobile machinery to be applied from 2019. On 6 September, the German Federal Transportation Authority Motorized formally certified the DEUTZ TTCD 6.1 engine for Stage V.

This certification fulfills the promise made by DEUTZ, the Cologne-based engine manufacturer, to its customers four years prior to the entry into force of the new standard. In 2015, DEUTZ announced that the current generation of the engine would meet the standard for Stage V and present the “Stage V ready” label. The entire range of DEUTZ TCD engines equipped with diesel particulate filters now carries this seal. ‘Stage V ready’ has become ‘Stage V certified’. The initial certification of TTCD 6.1 should be followed in November 2017 by the certification of models TCD 3.6 / 4.1 / 6.1 / 7.8 and TTCD 7.8 – just in time for Agritechnica (the main agricultural machinery fair in the world to be held in Hannover from 12 to 18 November), where DEUTZ will present its portfolio of certified engines under the new “Stage V certified” label for the first time. With the first EU Stage V certificate, DEUTZ also fulfills its environmental promise and positions itself as an engine manufacturer with an eco-friendly approach.

The EU emission standard in phase V represents a major challenge for engine manufacturers, mainly because the newly introduced limit on particle number can only be satisfied by the installation of a diesel particulate filter (DPF). DEUTZ has been using DPF technology for over 10 years and is a standard feature of its TCD product range. Switching from phase IV of the current EU to phase V does not require additional installation space, thus avoiding costly modifications to the customer’s equipment.

The operation of a DPF requires in-depth knowledge. The load profiles are completely different depending on the equipment in which the motor is installed. An intelligent “heat management” system is needed to burn the particles collected in the DPF. DEUTZ has therefore developed what it calls a “Heat Mode” to specifically raise the temperature of the exhaust gases and ensure that the machinery is operated safely.

As Michael Wellenzohn, Member of the Board of Directors of DEUTZ AG for Sales / Service and Marketing, explained: “We made a promise in 2015 and now that we have been awarded the world’s first certificate, we have kept that promise. This will provide our customers with flexibility when installing engines in their machinery and will give them planning certainty when we move to Stage V. We are particularly proud to receive the world’s first Stage V certification and underline our technological leadership in post- the exhaust gases “.

Noticias Maquinaria  13-09-2017

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