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Castilla y León allocates more than 20 million to Nissan Industrial Plan Ávila

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The Junta de Castilla y León will allocate more than 20 million euros to Nissan’s Industrial Plan 2019-2024 for the conversion of the current plant of the multinational in Ávila in another of spare parts for the Renault-Nissan Alliance in Europe.

This amount has been announced today to the journalists by the Deputy Minister of Economy and Competitiveness of the Autonomous Government, Carlos Martín Tobalina, who inaugurated this morning at the Campus of the University of Salamanca in the city of Avila, the First Conference “Startup & Education “.

In this context and when asked about the future of the factory in Avila, Martin Tobalina recalled how last week the Board declared Industrial Priority Project Industrial Plan 2019-2024 Nissan, which allows to streamline the administrative processing of business investments.
In this context, the Deputy Minister has confirmed that the investment that the regional administration will allocate to this plan “will be well above 20 million euros”, taking into account that the process of reconversion of facilities will involve investments that will be around the 40 million euros.

According to Carlos Martin Tobalina, this recognition as a priority for the Nissan Industrial Plan will benefit not only the factory facilities in Avila and the capital itself, but also the rest of the province, taking into account that its activity affects directly and indirectly to 1,200 workers.

For this, he said he has been in contact “for a long time”, although “more intensively in recent weeks”, with the City of Avila, to “build a project” with which has also been working for “quite weeks” with Nissan and with the Alliance.

The objective is “to consolidate a series of infrastructures and investments that allow the transformation of the factory – of industrial vehicles – into another one of components, with more production and that guarantees a minimum level of employment” that in his opinion will allow “to maintain the activity industrial very long term in Ávila “.

In this direction, the steps of both the Board, the City Council and the Japanese multinational itself are aimed at “ensuring that the investments are going to be made and are being committed” so that they can be finalized “in two years.”

EFE – Ávila EL DIARIO – 04/10/2017 (Translation Soft)

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