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Car sales grow 13% in August driven by companies

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Private registrations increase by 8.5% and recover from the fall of 4% in July

The registrations of passenger cars in the Spanish market reached 72,470 units in the month of August. This represents a rise of 13.1% compared to the same period last year, according to data from manufacturers’ associations (Anfac), vendors (Ganvam) and dealers (Faconauto). The increase is driven by companies and renters. The companies recorded a 19.2% increase in sales compared to the same period in 2016, a total of 23,567, while the renters had a 41% increase with 3,585

Although all sectors have had a positive closure, sales to individuals are the least growth, 8.5% compared to last year, with 45,318 registrations. However, it recovers from the figures obtained in the month of July, when it registered a fall of 4%.

In addition, in the first eight months of the year, 849,912 registrations were registered, 7% more than in the period January-August 2016, also driven by higher growth by companies (14.5%) and renters (9 ,2%). “The car market is gradually recovering its tone, but we are still below the figures of 2008, when the crisis began,” says Adolfo Randufle, communication director of Anfac. In that year, he says, more than 880,000 registrations were achieved in the first eight months of the year.

Accelerate rejuvenation

Tomás Herrera, general director of Ganvam, explains that there is a second reading of the increase of registrations of renters and companies. “It should not be forgotten that, to a certain extent, the good behavior of this channel is due to the automatriculaciones made by brands and dealers who face the atony of the individual seek to meet objectives, distorting the market.” For him, boosting demand is to implement stable plans that encourage individuals to change cars for new or used up to five years to “accelerate the necessary rejuvenation of the park where 53% of vehicles exceed 11 years” .

More Hybrid and Electric

By type of fuel, hybrid and electric vehicles in August increased their market share to 6.9% of the total. Thus, the figures of the previous months and of beginning of year, when they conformed the 5.3%. While gasoline vehicles account for 44.7% of the market, diesel sales rebound from June and July with a market share of 48.3%, but they can not be above 50% as at the beginning of the year. year. This growth comes just after the Movea government plan offered aid of up to 6,000 euros for the purchase of electric vehicles. A total of 14.26 million euros were sold out on 3 August.

Seat Ibiza, the best seller

The Spanish automobile brand Seat was the best-selling from January to August 2017 with a volume of 66,285 units – 20.5% more than the same period last year – and specifically the Ibiza model (25,907 units). However, in August the most requested brand was Volkswagen (which belongs to the same group) with 5,251 sold (7.1% more). Volkswagen also ranks second in sales from January to August, with 64,710 units, followed by Opel with 64,111.

In terms of type of vehicles, SUVs or light SUVs had a strong growth in August compared to last year, especially those of medium size, with 28.5%, and large, with 45%. The companies bet on these models that represent more than 30% of the market share. The Spanish Seat will release its second SUV, the Seat Arona in November 2017. However, classic SUVs are losing weight in the market, down 17.1% in August compared to the same period last year.

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