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Automobile Barcelona will exhibit the first flying car

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The PAL-V Liberty can now be reserved and the first units are expected to be delivered next year

Automobile Barcelona 2019 takes off with the display of the PAL-V Liberty Pioneer Edition flying car. After its international presentation at the last Geneva Motor Show, held last March, the issue lands at the 40th edition of the renowned Spanish fair, which this year commemorates its centenary, from May 11 to 19.

It is not the first time in this century of life that the event shows a vehicle that moves through the air. In 1925, he did the same with the Autogiro of the Murcian engineer Ricardo De la Cierva. Since then, 94 years have passed, in which technology has evolved at a dizzying pace to respond to new and future mobility needs. And in this sense the Dutch flying car wants to mark the way in the field of hybrid vehicles, capable of moving both by land and by air.

The idea is that they can move on the asphalt, as well as sail the skies. Something frankly useful, for example, to avoid traffic jams. This tandem three-wheeled vehicle, measuring about four meters in length, two in width and 1.6 in height, can complete the conversion of the ground configuration to the air-and vice versa-in an estimated time of 5-10 minutes. A dynamic curve stabilizer guarantees safety on the road on asphalt, where the estimated range is 1,200 kilometers, a figure that is reduced to less than half when traveling by air.

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