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Audi models with sunroof thanks to the cooperation of Hanergy

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With this cooperation, the partners want to generate solar energy to increase the range of electric vehicles. The first prototype will be built by the end of 2017.

As a first step, Audi together with Hanergy want to integrate Alta Devices thin film solar cells (Hanergy subsidiary into solar cells) into a panoramic glass roof. In the future the intention is that the whole roof is covered with these cells.

The electricity they generate will flow into the car’s electrical system and can supply, for example, the air conditioning system or the seat heaters – a gain in efficiency that has a direct positive impact on the range of an electric vehicle.

According to Bernd Martens, a member of the Audi Board of Management: “The range of electric cars plays a decisive role for our customers. Together with Hanergy, we plan to install innovative solar technology in our electric cars that extend its reach and also be sustainable” .

The next stage would be that solar energy collected on the roof could directly charge the traction battery which, according to Martens, would be a milestone on the road to sustainable and emission-free mobility.

Green electricity will be generated by innovative solar cells. They have an efficiency of more than 25%, they are very thin and flexible. In addition, they work very well also in low light and high temperature conditions. Solar cells are produced by Alta Devices in California.

POR EXPANSIÓN.COM – MADRID – @expansioncom – 08/23/2017

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