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Audi electric vehicles will cover your body with solar panels

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Collect complementary energy to power the vehicle

The electric vehicle is already a reality, although we have the most important phase of all, the awareness of society about how beneficial it can be to bet on more efficient means of transportation. The base already has it, with vehicles like the Tesla Model 3, relatively cheap and with great autonomy. Well, Audi is deliberately betting on this technology, not only in batteries to provide energy, but also in solar panels that can complement them by collecting energy from sunlight.

First test with solar panels this year

AltaDevices is a company specializing in the manufacture of ultra thin and flexible solar panels, which is collaborating with Audi to introduce these panels in their vehicles with the aim of providing complementary energy.

The sunroof will be the first place where these panels are tested

The first test will be carried out this year by integrating a solar panel into the electric roof of one of its vehicles. The long-term project aims to create “invisible” panels that can cover the whole body of the car and thus load energy throughout the day. This energy collected by the panels would not be intended to feed the traction of the car, but would be intended for non-essential elements, such as air conditioning, lights, on-board computer, etc.

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