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Alejandra Salazar and Ariana win the final at the Alisea Ledus Jaén Open 2019 in the hands of their coach Manu Martín

JG Automotive News

JG Automotive collaborates with Manu Martín (professional padel coach) with the aim of making sport and work compatible.

¡¡JG CONGRATULATES  MANU M.@manumartin83 ALEJANDRA SALAZAR @AleeeeSalazar AND HIS COMPANION ARIANA @asanchezfallada  FOR HIS VICTORY at the Alisea Ledus Jaén Open 2019 tournament !!

Manu Martín coach Alejandra Salazar leaves us a video, commenting on the final winner of this tournament and its players.

News WPT (Women Final Open Jaén 19)

The fifth date of the calendar, the Alisea Ledus Jaén Open 2019, already boasts of being the most watched tournament in the history of professional padel with more than 2,033,000 views throughout the event on the Official Youtube Channel. A new record that Jaén, “snatches” the Victoria Marbella Master Beers 2019, which to date held the absolute record totaling 2,016,000. An unprecedented traffic that was re-registered in the Official Youtube Channel, where World Padel Tour now has more than 210,000 subscribers. This confirms the exponential increase of the audience in a circuit that every day captures the attention of more and more fans of the best paddle in the world. Three of the five tests conducted in this 2019, are already in the Top3 of the most followed in history.




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