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Alejandra and Ariana are the queens and win their 2nd title at the Valladolid Master 2019

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JG Automotive collaborates with Manu Martín (professional padel coach) with the aim of making sport and work compatible.

Manu Martín @manumartin83 coach Alejandra Salazar @AleeeeSalazar with his partner Ariana @asanchezfallada win the Final of Valladolid Master 2019.


The number 1, Marta Marrero and Marta Ortega, before the second, Alejandra Salazar and Ariana Sánchez. Until today, the balance fell on the side of the Martas, with two victories in Marbella and Logroño, against the title of Ale and Ari in Jaén. In Valladolid, everything to decide.

Firm in his service began those of Manu Martín, premiering the score in the first game. And the response of his rivals was immediate, equaling in the next. That was precisely the tone of the first bars of a manga that started from the most even. But in the fifth game, came the break for Ale and Ari, who began to enjoy the fans from Valladolid with that overwhelming version that proclaimed them champions in Jaén. Up to 5-2 were placed above Alejandra and Ariana, until after wasting six set balls, the Martas put the tables on the scoreboard in the tenth game. Unstoppable in the final section with a very close Marta Ortega, those of Juan Alday signed an epic comeback to get the first chapter with a 7-5 after one hour and four minutes.

As a real hurricane entered the second sleeve Sanchez and Salazar, who without giving any option to their opponents, were placed 4-0. But then they recovered one of the breaks Marrero and Ortega, cutting distances in the bright. The power and control over the 20×10 of the number 2 was going to be lethal, and on the fast track they solved the set with a 6-1 and forced the third. Everything to decide in the jump-off.

A chapter that began in the face for Ale and Ari, who continued in the same dynamic as in the previous one. Precise, strong and with total dominance on the track, they broke the serve of their rivals in the first game and consolidated the advantage in the second. The Madrid and the Reusense showed their most aggressive face, and unstoppable, managed to neutralize Alday’s. However, with 5-1 against them, they put in another march Marrero and Ortega to revolutionize the game and win the next three games. But finally it was Alejandra Salazar and Ariana Sánchez (6-4) who closed the match and added another title to their record.

23/06/2019 – WPT – Valladolid (Translation Soft)

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