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Ford GT Carbon Series: lightness is its great virtue


The signature of the oval launches a new version for the GT, its exclusive high-performance supercar that, at this point, is already an icon of the automotive industry. Under the denomination Ford GT Carbon Series, this model stands out for its lightness thanks to the massive use of carbon fiber and other materials.

Thanks to this, it becomes the lightest in the GT saga. For the rims, the center console and some elements of the bodywork carbon has been used; the exhaust and some nuts are made of titanium, while the tailgate – which has additional ventilation – is made of polycarbonate. All this reduces the weight in, at least, 18 kilograms.


In order to reinforce weight loss, superfluous elements such as the cup holder or the storage compartment in the driver’s seat have been removed. On the other hand, equipment elements that make everyday life more comfortable have been maintained. Thus, the Ford GT Carbon Series does not renounce air conditioning or the SYNC3 system of connectivity, information and entertainment.

In this special edition, whose price is unknown, but which will undoubtedly be very high (the ‘normal’ versions are around 400,000 euros), the double carbon fiber bands, the A pillars and the lower body panels stand out. They convey a greater sense of agility.

Inside, the sills, the air nozzles and the console welcome the driver with its matte carbon cover. The seats and the steering wheel stand out for their silver seams that create a curious visual contrast. Other distinctive elements are the transparent change selector or the emblem that appears on the instrument panel.

In the bowels of the Ford GT Carbon Series is the same supercharged V6 engine located in the central-rear position, 3.5 liters, which delivers 655 hp and 750 Nm of torque. This force reaches the rear wheels through a transmission of double clutch and 7 speeds, and allows to reach a top speed of 347 km / h.

This special Ford GT already admits orders and is manufactured at a rate of one unit per week. Due to its exclusivity, its high price and low production, it will not be easy to obtain a unit.

Jorge Arenas 10/31/2018 THE ECONOMIST (Translation Soft)

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